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Power Up Your Business with SMA’s Trusted Dealer Program!

SMA’s new PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Dealer program is a select network of installers and integrators closely associated with SMA. This four part blog series will look at all the benefits you can enjoy as an SMA partner.

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Competition is fierce and keeping your business on top of mind of your customers can be difficult.

As SMA trusted partners, PowerUP members receive valuable pricing, training, service and marketing benefits that make doing business simpler. In addition, these installers generate third-party credibility with buyers, facilitating an easier sales process and a more supportive installation experience.

The program uses an exclusive set of discounts, incentives and support functions to grow sales.

Direct SMA Rebate: Recognizing Brand Loyalty

PowerUP Dealers receive preferential pricing on standard products and will receive monthly rebates on product sales. These will improve flexibility and overall profitability. More promotions and incentives may be offered to further enhance the value of your SMA system.

Best in Class Inverter Warranty: + 5 Years Warranty on Sunny Boy Inverters

As a PowerUP Dealer, you can receive a 5-year warranty extension on Sunny Boy inverter purchases. This extends your total inverter warranty to a best in class 15 years! Coupled with a 25-year warranty on TS4-R module-level devices as part of our Power+ Solution, SMA PowerUP Dealers will have a comprehensive product backstop that reduces lifetime product costs.

Tell SMA What You Want to Sell: Provide Input on Next-Gen Products

By completing product development surveys, you’ll have a chance to share valuable feedback regarding SMA products including what types of products and updates you would like to offer to your customers.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit https://www.sma-america.com/powerup/installer and stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series where we’ll outline more PowerUP member benefits!

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Solar Spotlight: False Bay School Goes Solar With the Best in Class

Diesel generators that ran for 12 hours a day powered the school located on Lasqueti Island in British Columbia, Canada, from its construction in 1953 until 2016, when a community effort turned a solar dream into reality.

False Bay School Goes Solar With the Best in Class

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Are you Ready to Achieve Compliance of California Rule 21 Reactive Power Priority Requirement?

Tech Tip Sunny Boy for CA 21

CA Rule 21 Phase1 new requirements will include a Reactive Power Priority setting starting Thursday, July 26.  UL has certified SMA inverters as compliant with this new regulation.

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Part 3: With SMA, Users Stay One Step Ahead in the Integration of PV Plants

In part two of our three-part series, we covered the support features that our Sunny Tripower three-phase inverters and Sunny Boy single-phase inverters have that implement proactive responses to grid requirements. Frequency Ride-Through and Voltage Ride-Through in particular are crucial for the definition of operation ranges of the inverters and the expected response for different levels of anomaly in the voltage or natural frequency of the grid.

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Tech Tip: How to Easily Achieve California Rule 21Compliance with the Sunny Boy-US


Penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) such as PV has increased rapidly over the past few years resulting in concerns about grid reliability.


California’s Investor owned utilities (IOUs), through California Electric Rule 21, are now requiring that inverters come equipped with several new safety features and advanced grid functionalities. The new rule establishes specific requirements for generation facilities to be connected to a utility’s distribution system. This regulation has been in effect since September 2017, and although it only applies to California, other states across the nation are expected to adopt measures like this in the future.

Fortunately, smart inverters like the Sunny Boy-US contribute to the stability of the grid and use unique autonomous functions that allow you to fully comply with UL 1741 SA standards.

Watch this Tech Tip to learn how to utilize these grounbreaking functionalities! You will see how easy it is to use a single file package to configure the Sunny Boy to be in full compliance of CA Rule 21’s phase 1 requirements.

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Part 2: With SMA, Users Stay One Step Ahead in the Integration of PV Plants

In part one of our series, we described the challenges that arise with the growth and increased penetration of distributed energy systems. A viable approach to overcome these challenges is to improve the operation characteristics of the inverters.

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With SMA, Users Stay One Step Ahead in the Integration of PV Plants

Over the last few years, distributed generation systems, such as PV, have grown rapidly throughout the country. Every day there are more and more systems integrated to the grid. However, with the growth and increased penetration of distributed energy systems (DERs), new challenges arise. This three part series will look at the best solutions to overcome these challenges. 

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SMA Secure Power Supply Provides Post-Hurricane Power

When Hurricane Irma made landfall in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in September, Wendy Michels and her family quickly evacuated.

As a pilot, Michels is responsible for flying planes out of the area in the event of natural disasters, including hurricanes. She and her family flew to Lexington, Kentucky, unsure of what was to come of their home and newly installed PV system while Irma battered their hometown.

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Tech Tip: Activating SMA Smart Connected and How It Works

SMA Smart Connected is a fully-automated functionality that is included in our Sunny Boy-US inverter series and provides active system monitoring at all times.  

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Solar Eclipse – A Time for Storage to Shine?

The upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, will impact the operation of many GW of solar PV production across the United States.

The loss in production during the eclipse has been estimated at roughly 4,200MW of utility-scale solar, and 1,350 MW of rooftop solar, just in California.

While this is a substantial amount of power, the duration of the eclipse will be very brief in California. Grid managers were able to plan around this well understood event, and have other generating sources prepared and ready. Large amounts of energy storage resources (including pumped hydro storage) will be used for grid support during this event but in the future quick responding electrical energy storage may provide the bulk of needed support.

SMA is best known for its PV inverters. Still, the company has sold several hundred MWs of grid interactive battery storage inverter capacity that is perfectly suited to be used as a grid support resource in such an event – where large power discharge is required for a short time period.

In a few months, SMA will launch its residential grid-tied storage inverter, the Sunny Boy Storage US. This device can be programmed to ensure there is plenty of energy stored up to offset a known time of high load demand (peak shaving) or for a time of poor solar production (allowing increased self-consumption), such as a solar eclipse!

Imagine how easy it would be to give the sun a break if you could work with customers to program a Sunny Boy Storage to offset their household’s demand during this event?

Sunny Boy Storage

SMA will host a nationwide roadshow for the Sunny Boy Storage later this year. Like the path of totality of this eclipse, the roadshow will not visit all states, so keep your eyes peeled for stops near you! And in the meantime, make sure you don’t look at the sun without proper eye protection.

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Sunny Portal Registration for Sunny Boy US With Webconnect: Customizing the Sunny Portal Plant

In the second installment of our three-part Sunny Boy US Sunny Portal Registration series, we covered the final step to register the Sunny Boy US using the Plant Setup Assistant tab on the Sunny Portal homepage and now the plant can be viewed and customized.

Once To the PV System is clicked, the new plant will be displayed in Sunny Portal. The PV System Overview page is the default landing page, and shows a dashboard view above a production curve for the system. If this is a Power+ system, the lower part of this screen will show module level information.

Click on the To the PV System button to view the plant in Sunny Portal as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.  New PV plant in Sunny Portal

Figure 1. New PV plant in Sunny Portal

The seven standard pages listed on the left under the plant name are created by default and are viewable by all users of the plant. The Configuration tab below it is only available to Installer or Administrator level users of the plant. Three of these pages are commonly used: PV System Properties, Report Configuration and User Management.

User Management is only accessible to Administrator level users, and is used to add or delete users from the plant.  Figure 2a and 2b show the details of adding a user; Click on Add User and enter the email for the user and select the appropriate access level. The differences between these levels are explained in Version 1.3 of the Webconnect Plants in Sunny Portal – User Manual. This manual can be accessed via the User Manual link at the bottom of the screen.

Figure 2a. Adding a New User to a Webconnect plant

Figure 2a. Adding a New User to a Webconnect plant


Figure 2b.  Select the role and enter email for new user, then click Save

Figure 2b. Select the role and enter email for new user, then click Save

Report Configuration allows the activation of up to three Daily Info, Monthly Info and Event Reports. Any of these reports can be sent to multiple emails, and can be tailored for what information they contain and when they are sent. Click Edit to adjust active reports or to activate additional reports.

Figure 3. Report Configuration page, showing active Daily report details

Figure 3. Report Configuration page, showing active Daily report details

The PV System Properties page allows for adjustment of the plant name, changing the plant password (remember this changes the on-site Installer password too!), and where an image for the plant can be loaded. Click Edit to make changes or load an image. Maximum size is 500kB and can be JPG, GIF or PNG.  The new plant image is shown on the PV System Profile page.

Pages from the Webconnect plant can be made public on Sunny Portal or embedded in other webpages. To enable this, click on the Configuration button at the bottom of the page to expand the window as shown in Figure 4 for the PV System Profile window.

Figure 4.  Configuration choices shown for PV System Profile

Figure 4. Configuration choices shown for PV System Profile

Clicking the box to the right of Approval will allow anyone to find this page when searching on Publicly Available Plants in Sunny Portal.  Only those pages that are released will be viewable. The URL to the right of URL of the Page is a link that can be placed in the HTTP code of another webpage to allow viewing of only the contents of the pane of that Sunny Portal window. The plant page list to the left and the Configuration buttons are not viewable. This function allows for easy embedding of Sunny Portal data so it can be viewed by a large number of people without them being added to the Sunny Portal plant directly, or making any pages publicly viewable.

While we have shown Sunny Portal as it appears on a computer, there are apps for Sunny Portal for iOS and Android operating systems to allow for easy access to Sunny Portal information while on the go.

SMA inverters with Webconnect technology and Sunny Portal allow for easy viewing of PV system data as well as remote monitoring of the status of the plant. No wonder it is the largest PV monitoring site in the world (according to “Global PV Monitoring 2016–2020: Markets, Trends and Leading Players, GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting).

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Solve the Challenges of Service Calls With SMA Smart Connected

What if an inverter was smart enough to monitor its own vitals, know when something irregular might be happening and call for help all on its own? Now our Sunny Boy-US residential line of inverters can, reducing service costs for installers while improving security for system owners. 

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