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“Back on Track”


Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of positive news to report from SMA—including the fact that the Managing Board has twice raised the forecast for 2015. Three questions for Pierre-Pascal Urbon, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.


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Part 3: How does the Sunny Boy TL-US stack up against module-level systems?

Shining a light on shading

Today’s inverter marketplace is taking great pains to make homeowners believe even the slightest shade on one module could be catastrophic for a homeowner’s solar system. Thus, the only way to ensure energy production is by using module-level inverter equipment. However, thanks to advances in both modules, and more importantly, inverters, that’s simply not true anymore.

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Off-grid church ready for Mother Nature’s worst

Sunny Islands at Word of Life Church

Rain or shine, grid or no grid, Mi-Wuk Village’s Word of Life Fellowship church will have power. What started as a way to help the church reduce its electrical bill grew to become a 70.5kW system with off-grid capabilities and battery backup.

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Starting today: Go Red, Get Green!

Sunny Boy 240-US Rebate

As if you need any more reason to choose the solar industry’s most advanced micro inverter, SMA is now offering a rebate program for the SMA Sunny Boy 240-US. Starting today, solar installers can receive $10 cash back* for every Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter purchased in the United States through December 31, with no quantity limitations. That means, with each purchase, you’ll receive SMA’s legendary reliability, American-assembled quality and more green in your pocket. Best of all, the more you buy, the more you earn, so act fast to take advantage of this opportunity.

Redeeming the rebate is a simple two-step process:

  1. Purchase the Sunny Boy 240-US from a participating SMA Authorized Distributor
  2. Submit your purchase information along with the receipt to SMA before the end of the following calendar month

Once that information is received, we will mail a rebate check directly to you within 90 days. With the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter, reliability really does pay.

Visit SMA-America.com/rebate to go red, and get your green!


*Please click here to review our terms and conditions.

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The More Power, More Profit Tour hits the road

The Solar Academy and ever-popular Solar Sprinter are hitting the road for a summer of fun; training solar professionals across the country on the ways the Sunny Boy TL-US make each install more powerful and more profitable than any other inverter solution.

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Distributed system design aids energy production during snowmelt

Sunny Tripower TL-US installed by Solar Service Inc

Distributed inverter layouts have proven valuable for many reasons as the skyrocketing popularity of the three-phase string inverter continues its climb. This time, distributed design has found further reasoning for inverters like the Sunny Tripower: energy production with uneven snowmelt across module strings.

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Big-time solar in Big Sky, Montana

SMA Solar Spotlight - OnSite Power

Mere weeks before the winter solstice, OnSite Energy of Bozeman, Montana flipped the switch on its latest installation. The 8.1 kW solar system came to life and, with it, an excited customer joyously waiting for the long days of summer.

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SMA Engineer puts Sunny Boy through its paces on her own turf

Sunny Boy TL-US on SMA Inverted

Ronnie Raxter has helped thousands of solar installers in her years as an application engineer for SMA America, walking them through the ins and outs of complicated system configurations and working tirelessly to ensure optimal performance and ease of installation.

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Secure Power Supply finds a home among extreme Oklahoma weather

Ion Solar - Sunny Boy TL-US

Oklahoma residents are no strangers to booming summer thunderstorms, hail and the unfortunate tornado roaring through their state. With such storm potential and the history of grid outages they’ve caused, solar-curious customers are increasingly interested in backup power.

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Winter outages have your customer thinking battery backup?

SMA Inverted - PowerHouse Solar 5

As another season of powerful winter storms takes its toll on the East Coast, many installers will be greeted at the door with questions of modifying their system, battery costs and the vast capabilities.

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Properly sizing a PV inverter breaker

PV Inveter Breaker - SMA Inverted

Believe it or not, code references for determining the calculation to adequately size a PV inverter breaker are longer than the calculation itself. Don’t be intimidated into making a costly mistake when designing a customer’s solar system.

The calculation is simply the maximum output current of the inverter multiplied by a 125 percent safety factor, then rounded up to the nearest breaker size.

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Construction continues at largest Sunny Tripower site

Honduras Sunny Tripower site - SMA Inverted

At a blistering three megawatts-per-week pace, progress at Honduras’s largest PV plant is being made in great strides. The 24 MW Pavana Solar Park in Choluteca began construction in late 2014 and is expected to be commissioned in early 2015.

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