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Tested and True: SMA Inverters Deliver Quality & Safety

When it comes to choosing an inverter, quality and safety are essential. These two factors work together to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability for your projects. Here at SMA, we continuously put our products to the test to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards. We build products you can trust.

Test for electromagnetic compatibility: a look into the futuristic EMC chamber

Why should this matter to you? With proven quality and safety, your PV investment will be protected from major risk factors, including:

  • Loss of power output: We tested our inverters against our competitor’s product, and results showed that the other inverter lost power output even in normal ambient temperatures.
  • High maintenance costs: The poor AC:DC ratios of other inverters lead to higher costs for installation, operations and maintenance over the life of a PV system.
  • Reduced component life: A passive cooling temperature management strategy dramatically reduces power output, lessening the life of a PV component by 75 percent.
  • IT security issues: Cloud-based, remote management systems are a great way to monitor and control your PV system – but not every cloud management system is safe or secure.
  • Legal trouble: Some inverters out there have EMI values more than 10 times what is legally allowed, which is grounds for unwanted legal attention.

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SMA Test Center: The World in a Lab [Video]

More is expected of them than of others: SMA solar inverters must work perfectly for many years. No matter in which country, in which climate, or to which power network they are connected.

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Don’t be Fooled by Flashy Claims: Why Quality Counts

Quality Counts

With every PV project comes dozens of choices, each making a difference in the overall outcome of your installation. When it comes to which solar inverter you should choose for your PV system, the decision is critical, and there are many factors to consider, for example:

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