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How does the SMA Fuel Save Solution work?

The SMA Fuel Save Solution combines diesel and photovoltaics into a hybrid system, minimizing CO2 emissions and high fuel costs. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve also posted a few articles on PV diesel hybrid systems, each describing PV diesel hybrid systems and what steps must be taken to install and manage such a system

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What Is a Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid System?

PV-Diesel-Systemlandschaft mit Speicher (Kommunikationslinien)

In many regions of the world, power grids are either inadequate or nonexistent. As a result, industrial consumers often ensure their power supply through diesel gensets. Five hundred gigawatts of power from diesel gensets provide industrial companies with electricity worldwide. However, fuel costs for the gensets continue to rise. The price for one liter of diesel has already exceeded one U.S. dollar.

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