Solar Spotlight: CORE1 Inverters in Action With Pickett Solar

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SMA is thrilled to see that its award-winning CORE1 inverters are officially making it into the field, and Pickett Solar is among the first to install the groundbreaking commercial inverter! The CORE1 is the world’s first free-standing PV inverter, and offers 60% faster installation.


Pickett Solar, which specializes in designing and installing commercial and agricultural solar projects in Central California, is currently working on two PV systems using CORE1 inverters. Each project is scheduled to be commissioned in March.

The first system is being installed for Golden Valley Grape Juice & Wine, a packer and producer of wine grapes and juice products. The 2.37 MW PV system uses 35 CORE1 inverters in a ground-mount design, as well as five SMA Sunny Tripower 30000TL-US inverters and one SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL-US inverter.

The second project showcases the CORE1’s ability to be roof-mounted. The 1.1 MW system is being installed for Kings River Packing, a fruit packing company in Sanger, California. This project uses 19 CORE1 inverters.

SMA and Pickett Solar are well-established partners, both with emphasis on great customer service and a proven track record of success.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with SMA as they roll out the new CORE1 inverter”, said Jeff Gatzka, Solar Department Manager for Pickett Solar. “The new design with plug-in strings, integrated AC and DC disconnects, and higher ratings all mean quicker installs and fewer headaches for installers and owners alike. We continue our loyal relationship primarily for the quality of the product that SMA puts out and their second-to-none customer service. These two practices are essential to running a respectable, successful company and align with Pickett Solar’s business model perfectly.”

Scroll through the image gallery to see the CORE1 in action.

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    02/16/2018 at 12:52 pm

    Can the sma core1 be mount on unit strut 4 ft from the ground???

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      02/20/2018 at 9:21 am

      Hello Alejandro! As long as the structure is sufficient to securely hold the CORE1, and all local codes are met, yes, it can be mounted off the ground. Please see the installation manual page 19 at this link: for location and spacing of the threaded screw holes on the bottom of the device for secure attachment. Please ensure all clearances are met so airflow is not impeded during operation. Regards.

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