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Welcome to SMA Inverted – SMA America’s corporate blog

About the Blog

The solar industry is constantly changing and growing, and we are proud to help shape it. A key part of industry growth is to spread the word, which is why we created this blog. SMA Inverted will be a hub for conversation about industry news, noteworthy PV projects, company information, and announcements and issues affecting solar professionals.

SMA Inverted is designed to give valuable insight into our company, with hints and guidance about SMA products, technical tips and common customer service questions. Now we want you – our readers – to get involved. We would be delighted to receive your feedback, questions and comments.

About the Authors

We value the opportunity to showcase a variety of perspectives and insights on SMA Inverted. The blog content is written by SMA America employees, ranging from engineers to customer service representatives. Each author’s expertise varies and SMA Inverted is a wonderful opportunity to provide well-informed, thoughtful and insightful posts. In addition, many of our Managing Board members often give their opinions on various topics.

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We welcome your stories and feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us with comments, experiences, questions and suggestions. If you have a story or project that you believe would be a great topic for SMA Inverted feel free to email us your ideas at contact@sma-america.com.

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