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Central American Clothing Manufacturer Decks Out Its Facilities with Solar Energy

Pinehurst MFG, a distinguished textile manufacturing company, is trusted with clothing production by world-renowned brands such as ADIDAS. The company now powers its operations using a solar system with SMA inverters.

Commercial solar Honduras

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Mitigate Risk in Residential PV with SMA and the SunSpec Alliance

Would you like to learn how to maximize the value of a residential PV system while managing risk? Join industry leaders for an informative webinar Thursday, July 9th at 2:00 PM EDT. We will cover how to effectively decrease business risks while maximizing benefits for residential PV customers. Click here to sign up.
SMA Webinar

We will highlight areas of opportunity in:

  • Energy Production
  • Reliability
  • Standardization
  • Service

This webinar will educate attendees on how the SunSpec Alliance is advancing industry standardization in rapid shutdown technology to achieve simple, cost-effective compliance with NEC 2017 requirements. Additionally, SMA experts will highlight a more effective way to optimize PV systems that produce more energy and afford system owners greater reliability.

We will also discuss how standardization can greatly reduce business risk by giving PV professionals freedom of choice among proven solutions while avoiding risks associated with proprietary supply. Service considerations are also a factor in minimizing risks for PV professionals and system owners alike.

We will examine recent advances in service technology that streamline operations for PV professionals while reducing the business risks associated with system downtime and truck rolls.

Featured Presenters

Tom Tansy, Chairperson, SunSpec Alliance

Brad Dore, Director of Marketing, SMA America

Blair Reynolds, Residential Product Manager, SMA America

For more information on the SunSpec Alliance click here or to learn about SMA America solutions visit our website.

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Installers can elevate service quality and expedite response with the new SMA America Online Service Center

SMA America has launched a new Online Service Center to installers in the U.S., Canada, and most of Central and South America. What does that mean for installers?

To start, installers can now access resources that previously required calling a service technician. Plus, in the new Online Service Center, customers can track the progress of a service case, request a rebate or inverter exchange, sign up for an extended warranty, and update delivery details.

All these resources empower installers to focus a greater amount of their time on revenue generating activity. Meanwhile, customers can learn more about the new service center by watching this video.

The best part? The new platform features case tracking for all activities concerning both individuals and companies. Service communications for each case are collected in a single feed—simplifying customer communication. This streamlined approach also provides a needed solution for cases with multiple logins per company account. Now, each login can see all open cases—making it easier than ever for installers to manage their own service operations.

The platform will also offer unprecedented access to information, empowering installers with  access to documentation and support. Not to mention, the new Online Service Center creates a one-SMA Service Onlinestop shop for customers to do a range of activities right in the platform—activities that previously involved waiting to speak with phone line support.

To further expedite service, the user interface links the Online Service Center and Sunny Portal, eliminating the need for manual entry of information from one to the other. Customers can now manually adjust their ship dates as well, and there will soon be information added to indirectly track shipments through the platform. In addition, customers can access all products and software updates from a single source.

The Online Service Center will also make it easy to access documentation in the knowledge database, which expedites support. For example, users can search the site for articles and see which articles are trending. Users can even access FAQs where SMA-authored knowledge is ranked based on the most frequently asked questions.

Ready to take advantage of all those benefits? You can access the Online Service Center by visiting our website here.

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Hilton Hotel Upgrades to Energy Independence

Nestled in the exclusive Villa Fontana area of Managua, Nicaragua, lies the modern DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. Guests have long relaxed in the spacious rooms featuring elegant décor and breathtaking views of Managua Lake. With the new solar installation, guests now also know they are supporting a business that isn’t dependent on fossil fuels.

Solar system Managua

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Out with the Old, in with the New!

Are you looking for the most up-to-date and effective way to optimize a PV system? Join SMA America and Solar Power World to learn how on June 18, 2020 at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Click here to register!

SMA Sunny Boy with ShadeFix optimization

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