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Philippines: One of the World’s Largest Photovoltaic Plants Including String Inverters Commissioned


The Catalagan Solar Farm on the Philippine island of Luzon was commissioned in March. At 63 MW, it is one of the world’s largest photovoltaic plants including string inverters, supplying solar power to the entire western part of the Batangas province. Spread over approximately 160 hectares (about 400 acres), the solar farm includes more than 200,000 PV modules, along with 830 Sunny Tripower 60 inverters and 23 SMA Inverter Managers.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Explorer Basic Overview

With a Speedwire-enabled inverter from SMA, all you need for access to key PV plant data is to connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to the inverter and start Sunny Explorer. In this Tech Tip video, the Solar Academy walks you through a basic overview of Sunny Explorer, including how to use this free software for fast and efficient system commissioning and parameter changes.

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Flagship Project in the Caribbean:
PV Hybrid System on the Island of St. Eustatius

The setting: An island with 4,000 inhabitants and three diesel generators to supply power. The mission: Reduce fossil fuel usage and establish a grid stabilizing energy supply based on renewable energies. The challenge: Supply a smart combination of a 2 MWp PV farm and diesel generators; introduce the largest lithium battery storage system in the Caribbean; use the latest SMA products; and develop a new monitoring platform—within the space of just nine months.

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