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World Climate Summit: Ambitious Goals Must Be Implemented

On Monday, November 30, 2015, the World Climate Summit negotiations will start in Paris. The goal: a world climate agreement to reduce global warming before it’s too late. Up to now, international climate policy has meant no more than minimal consensus. No surprise that expectations for a breakthrough in Paris are subdued. And yet, the chances for successful negotiations are not so bad, after all.

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We are Looking for the Best Solar Selfies!


Selfies wanted! Send us a picture of your favorite solar system—pimped christmassy if you like!

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Anheuser Busch Distributor Raises a Cold One to Distributed Solar

Sunny Tripower Commercial System

When engineering, procurement and construction company Solar Energy Management designed the largest rooftop installation in Florida, two things were especially important: that the components be industry-leading and made in America.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Multigate XT2S

Wiring the Sunny Multigate XT2S or other, larger, Multigate enclosures is fast and efficient for systems using SMA’s Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters. The Solar Academy’s Mike Mahon demonstrates the steps for connection and features that make this the most reliable and easy-to-install micro inverter solution available today.

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Smarter than ever – Sunny Tripower now provides reactive power at night

Sunny Tripower TL-US with Cluster Controller

This is one inverter line that loves learning new tricks. Now all Sunny Tripower TL-US inverters are able to provide full or dynamic reactive power with the latest version of the inverter’s firmware (2.80.00.R).

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