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SMA goes to the Capitol for Solar Worker Day with CALSEIA

SMA at CALSEIA Solay Lobby Day

SMA joined forces with more than 200 other solar workers for CALSEIA and The Alliance for Solar Choice’s third-annual Solar Worker Day at the California State Capitol. Dressed in bright yellow shirts to show the size of our collective voice, solar workers from across the state met with legislators from each district to educate members of the economic and environmental values of rooftop solar.

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Tech Tip: Using Sunny Design

Tech Tip: Using Sunny Design

SMA’s system planning software, Sunny Design, is a free design tool for creating systems from the ground up. It’s myriad of options mean nearly any variable is accounted for to ensure the most realistic power estimates and inverter recommendations.  

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Part 5: How does SMA stack up against module-level systems?

The long haul

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of most module-level power electronics is that long-term reliability has not been established—most companies are too young to prove reliability. Without sufficient operating history, Enphase and SolarEdge can’t confirm how their devices will perform over their estimated useful life, leaving O&M a guessing game.

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Part 4: How does the Sunny Boy TL-US stack up against module-level systems?

Time is money

Now that we’ve covered some of the technical differences between module-level power electronics and the Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply, it’s time to discuss potential financial implications of choosing Enphase micro inverters or SolarEdge power optimizer systems.

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Solar-hydrogen house to become a consumer reality

Solar Spotlight Hydrogen House

In 2006, Mike Strizki converted his Hopewell, New Jersey home to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power. As the only house of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, Strizki’s revolutionary home has become an educational center and real-world example of integrating clean energy technology to provide the power needs for the typical American household. It has hosted students, professionals, government officials and foreign dignitaries alike, all of whom were looking to learn from Strizki’s research and system development.

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