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Part 3: How does the Sunny Boy TL-US stack up against module-level systems?

Shining a light on shading

Today’s inverter marketplace is taking great pains to make homeowners believe even the slightest shade on one module could be catastrophic for a homeowner’s solar system. Thus, the only way to ensure energy production is by using module-level inverter equipment. However, thanks to advances in both modules, and more importantly, inverters, that’s simply not true anymore.

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6.8MW Chilean solar plant expected to operate at grid parity

Sunny Central 760CP XT

Photovoltaics are becoming a reality in Chile, one of South America’s fastest-growing emerging markets with a high potential for solar energy generation. The impending construction of two solar facilities in the Coquimbo Region stands as evidence that the area is ready for large-scale solar technology to offer cost-competitive electricity for the regions inhabitants.

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Part 2: How does the Sunny Boy TL-US stack up against module-level systems?

High Voltage Power
The myth of more power

A common misconception is that module-level PV systems yield more power than arrays utilizing string inverters. However, that myth is easily disproven by analyzing data published by the module-level electronics manufacturers themselves. In this section, we will explore claims made about module-level electronics and energy production compared to the industry’s most powerful residential inverter: the Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply (SPS).

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Part 1: How does the Sunny Boy TL-US stack up against module-level systems?

Sunny Boy TL-US with SPS

Added value and opportunity power

All residential inverters perform a basic function: They convert direct current into alternating current for household use. However, not all of these devices are created equal. This blog series will explore the myths and misconceptions of some of the industry’s other module-level power electronics versus with the SMA Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply, the solar industry’s most advanced residential inverter solution.

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