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Three phases of the Sunny Tripower – Part 3: More Profit

More profit - the Sunny Tripower

Now’s not the time to put your feet up and get a little shut eye. If Homer Simpson’s troubled years at the helm of a power plant are any indication, plant managers who aren’t proactive experience significant trouble down the road. The hard work may be done and the system’s producing power, but solar systems are long-term investments that require consistent monitoring and maintenance.

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Three phases of the Sunny Tripower – Part 2: More Flexibility

More flexible - the Sunny Tripower

Meet a solar system designer and they likely don’t look like the average yoga enthusiast. However, many system designers are able to achieve veteran-yogi flexibility when working with the Sunny Tripower, easily the most versatile three-phase string inverter on today’s market.

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Three phases of the Sunny Tripower – Part 1: More Power

More Power - Sunny Tripower by SMA

Hot rods and solar – it’s all about more power. You’ll never hear complaints about having too much power, just ask Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Getting the most power out of a solar system has another thing in common with muscle cars: it’s all about what’s under the hood.

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Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay bets on the sure thing – the Sunny Tripower

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas with Sunny Tripowers

The Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center in Las Vegas is now home to the world’s second-largest rooftop PV array, an impressive 6.4 MW (DC). In a city synonymous with high rollers and higher stakes, Mandalay Bay and its parent company, MGM, knew solar was the best bet in town.

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Bay Area food distributor gets distributed solar

SMA Solar Spotlight Vista Solar

Management at Fremont, California’s First World Asian Trading, a food distribution company with roots in the Bay Area for more than 30 years, had set their minds on solar power for sustainability. Sustainability of their electrical costs and financial strength, that is.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Island Dig-In

The Sunny Island’s Digital Input feature allows for seamless transition between grid and generator operation during grid failures. Follow along as the Solar Academy’s Mike Mahon demonstrates proper wiring and functionality of this key feature.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!

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Understanding PV Wiring in Series, Parallel and Polystring

Solar Module Stringing - SMA Inverted

Module stringing and the question of how many and in which orientations, voltage windows and, lest we forget, available roof space, play pivotal roles in system design. To properly design a system, it’s imperative to know how stringing impacts the total power delivered to an inverter.

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Big-time solar in Big Sky, Montana

SMA Solar Spotlight - OnSite Power

Mere weeks before the winter solstice, OnSite Energy of Bozeman, Montana flipped the switch on its latest installation. The 8.1 kW solar system came to life and, with it, an excited customer joyously waiting for the long days of summer.

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