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Five Reasons Why Cooperation Between SMA and Danfoss Promises Success

Danfoss and SMA

If you look through children’s books around Christmas, you often come across images of hardworking elves making toys and wrapping gifts before the big day. They are busy packing and painting, baking and decorating. I thought of these pictures when I learned of the dedication and interest that countless employees are working  with to integrate Danfoss into the SMA processes.

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Road-tested and Reliable

Wipomo with Sunny Island

At SMA, we’re accustomed to hearing remarkable stories about the application of our inverters and the challenges they meet and exceed. The following story caused a ripple of appreciation even amongst our hard-to-impress Service Line, who has heard just about every story there is.

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Optimization of Utility-Scale PV Systems

Project developers, EPCs, utilities, financiers and other PV project stakeholders are relying on utility-scale photovoltaic systems for long-term energy production and profitability. These systems have proven to be viable sources of electricity as their power-producing capacity is realized.

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Solar hits a grand slam at GRID Alternatives softball tournament

SMA at GRID Alternatives Play for Power Tournament

The SMA team will do a lot in the name of solar power, even if that means fielding a softball team for GRID Alternatives’ Play for Power tournament in October. What this rag-tag group may give in solar passion more than made up for limited skills around the diamond.

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Georgia Power brings southern charm and solar leadership to SPI

Georgia Power and SMA SPI Oct 2014

Ask a solar professional to list the states they feel are leading the solar revolution, Georgia doesn’t come to mind first. But like Bill Elliot rounding turn four at Atlanta Motor Speedway, this hard-charging state has hit the accelerator on its solar support.

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Unusable land becomes solar farm in Maryland

SMA Solar Spotlight

Harsh winter weather, abandoned telephone poles and a steep 25-percent grade couldn’t stop Solar Tech from completing and commissioning the Mt. Air Solar Farm in Newburg, Maryland. Its customer’s available land, the only that wasn’t tillable for farming, required substantial planning and engineering before a single solar module could be connected.

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