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SMA micro inverters approved for integrated ground

Sunny Boy 240-US

The Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters have been approved for installation without a copper grounding wire or grounding washers, per Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Eliminating the need for additional grounding removes labor and equipment expenses, making the Sunny Boy 240-US an even better solution for micro inverter systems.

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Get it while it lasts — Free Sunny Boy 240-US Module-Level Monitoring for Life!

SMA Sunny Portal

Module-level monitoring offers users the most granular reporting possible – and now SMA is offering it at no cost for the life of new Sunny Boy 240-US systems purchased throughout the remainder of 2014.  The monitoring package is exclusive to micro inverter and Multigate packages and the system must be purchased by December 31, 2014.

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Leadership in Solar Power Awards

SMA PV inverters

Solar Power World, one of the solar industry’s top publications, is asking readers to vote for the companies they feel are the driving force of change. Change is what causes the growth, advancements and innovation that keep solar on the cutting edge—transforming our energy future for the better. We have prided ourselves for being the leader in solar inverter technology for 30 years and counting.

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Sunny Tripowers chosen for Hampton Inn carport

REC Tripower carport

The Bakersfield Hampton Inn & Suites celebrated the commissioning of its 102 kW (DC) carport solar system with a ceremony in the shade, the hotel’s newest must-see attraction. Not to be overshadowed by the sun-blocking array, the 94-room hotel is looking forward to the cost savings recognized by the carport system, with monthly returns of nearly $9,000.

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Two solar systems, one Guatemala City home

Sersolar installation

As the installation on a 4.85 kW solar system was winding down, the homeowner had one last request: install one more kilowatt of power. Never one to say no, Sersolar jumped at the challenge and with a little creativity, easily expanded the system to meet the customer’s request.

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Middlebury College is going carbon-neutral

Middlebury College Solar

Middlebury College’s solar system is crucial to its 2016 goal of carbon neutrality—zero net-release of carbon dioxide. This goal, a main component of the Vermont college’s Office of Sustainability, was implemented in 2007 as a challenge to faculty and students alike.

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Sunny Islands run the show – Mike’s Ultimate Garage to air soon in the U.S.

Mike Holmes is the foremost-authority on quality construction. When his son, Mike Jr., built a custom garage for his father, it had to be the best. Mike Jr. looked no further than SMA to make the garage thrive as a fully off-grid facility in their Ontario, Canada home.

Two Sunny Boy 5000TL-US and two Sunny Island 6048 inverters provide 10kW of clean energy for Mike Holmes’ garage; a building any handyman would be envious of!

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Solar power keeps rent low at Sacramento apartments

Arbor Elk Grove solar system

Arbor Creek Family Apartments, a recently built affordable housing complex south of Sacramento, California, has taken great steps to keep the bills low for its residents.

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New Jersey installers eager to use SMA micro inverters

Sunny Boy 240-US in New Jersey

Always looking for the next great product, the teams at Paradise Solar and Electrical, LLC and K4 Solar have decided to make a change and install the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter system at a recent Layalelle, New Jersey install.

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