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SMA’s OptiTrac Global Peak – advanced shade mitigation

SMA’s OpriTrac Global Peak is an exclusive, groundbreaking feature, available with the Sunny Tripower and Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply. To ensure the greatest possible energy production, inverters with OptiTrac Global Peak track the global maximum power point when partial shade is present, nearly eliminating energy losses from early-morning and late-afternoon shading.

Curious about how a string inverter can recover nearly all of the lost power created by partial shade? Take a look!

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PV Diesel Hybrid Systems – 3 Popular Designs

With SMA’s Fuel Save Solution for large industrial applications, PV can be easily and efficiently integrated with diesel generation. The Sunny Tripower and Sunny Central inverters convert direct current from PV modules into alternating current and feed it into power supply systems. The SMA Fuel Save Controller intelligently manages the PV feed-in and diesel genset. The result: an achievement of up to 60 percent of PV-supplied electrical capacity compared to relying solely on an installed genset’s capacity.

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Tech Tip: Registering a Webconnect System in Sunny Portal

Whether it’s a Webconnect data module or a Webconnect Piggy-back, they both connect to the same place: Sunny Portal. Now that installing your communication card is done, it’s time to reap the benefits by registering the system in Sunny Portal.

Solar Academy trainer Mike Mahon demonstrates how to register Webconnect-equipped systems within Sunny Portal in a few easy steps, unlocking its monitoring features.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!  

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Sunny Boy parameter change eases grid tied battery backup process

Good news to off-grid installers: SMA is happy to announce that starting this month, all approved Sunny Boy inverters will be shipped with the Backup Mode parameter installed to the “On_all” setting.

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Keep it parked – preventing truck rolls for failed micros

Dispatching a truck to replace a failed micro inverter has become enemy number one for solar installers. Powering down a system and wading through a rooftop of good modules to gain access to the failed micro is a job nobody wants to do.

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1 MW decentralized rooftop system? Check.

Catersville, Georgia is now home to one of the Southeast’s largest commercial photovoltaic installations. The 1MW (DC) system was designed and installed by Radiance Solar of Atlanta and is expected to produce 1.4 million kWh annually, the equivalent of 100 nearby Georgia homes, to power the Shaw Industries manufacturing facility.

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TL-US inverter line with Secure Power Supply adds two models to lineup

Two new inverter models recently joined to the TL-US line, both featuring SMA’s Secure Power Supply feature. The transformerless TL-US line now boasts the 3800TL-US and 6000TL-US models to widen the opportunities for homeowners who want the comfort of daytime emergency power without the need for batteries.

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SMA ranked as top PV inverter supplier for fifth straight year by IHS

IHS Global Insight, widely regarded as one of the most accurate economic forecasting firms in the world, has ranked SMA as the top global supplier of PV inverters for 2013. This is the fifth-straight year SMA has earned the top ranking in the report from the Power & Energy service of IHS.

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