Tech Tip: How to Easily Achieve California Rule 21Compliance with the Sunny Boy-US

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Penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) such as PV has increased rapidly over the past few years resulting in concerns about grid reliability.


California’s Investor owned utilities (IOUs), through California Electric Rule 21, are now requiring that inverters come equipped with several new safety features and advanced grid functionalities. The new rule establishes specific requirements for generation facilities to be connected to a utility’s distribution system. This regulation has been in effect since September 2017, and although it only applies to California, other states across the nation are expected to adopt measures like this in the future.

Fortunately, smart inverters like the Sunny Boy-US contribute to the stability of the grid and use unique autonomous functions that allow you to fully comply with UL 1741 SA standards.

Watch this Tech Tip to learn how to utilize these grounbreaking functionalities! You will see how easy it is to use a single file package to configure the Sunny Boy to be in full compliance of CA Rule 21’s phase 1 requirements.

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Mike Mahon is a technical training specialist for the SMA Solar Academy.


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