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Four Reasons to Register Your System in Sunny Portal


Sunny Portal offers PV system operators and installers the ability to monitor their systems online and is an essential component in intelligent energy management. Over 200,000 PV systems and over 400,000 users are already registered in Sunny Portal. Read about the advantages of Sunny Portal here.

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Sunny Portal: Two Milestones at Once

SMA’s Sunny Portal has reached a milestone achievement of 100 terawatt hours (TWh) of solar energy monitoring and 150,000 systems monitored. This achievement, which affirms Sunny Portal’s status as a leading Web-based PV monitoring platform, is the equivalent of avoiding more than 70 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering Earth’s atmosphere.

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Tech Tip: Getting the most out of Sunny Portal

SMA’s Sunny Portal is the free monitoring headquarters for solar systems ranging from small-scale residential to a large-scale solar parks.

In this Tech Tip, Nick Borrowiec of SMA’s Service Department provides an overview of setting up and taking advantage of Sunny Portal’s key features like remote monitoring, email alerts and energy production reports.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to socialmedia@sma-america.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!

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Utah’s first energy-neutral mixed-use building unveiled in Salt Lake City

Mixed-use buildings are becoming a popular sight in today’s urban development landscape. Combining residential and commercial space provides diversified opportunities for property managers and the unique option for residents to live mere steps away from where they work—creating a commute-free living scenario.

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Tech Talk: Webconnect vs. WebBox

Webconnect comes installed inside inverter or separate as an upgrade.

Webconnect comes installed inside inverter or separate as an upgrade.

SMA has introduced a new method of monitoring PV systems and transmitting data to its free online monitoring tool, Sunny Portal. Webconnect provides easy access to Sunny Portal via existing Internet access and DSL router, without the need for an additional data logger. It is now available as a factory-integrated or retrofit feature for many of SMA’s Sunny Boy inverter models.

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Free Module-Level Solar Monitoring with Sunny Portal


Micro inverter enthusiasts, now you can access your PV systems with the largest and most advanced solar monitoring online platform in the world! At the time of this post SMA’s Sunny Portal was monitoring 129,762 PV systems, for a total solar energy production of 66.54 TWh! Here’s a fun way to put that enormous number into perspective, 66.54 TWh, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency is equivalent to:

  • Providing power for 2,416,227 average American homes for an entire year
  • Removing CO2  emissions from 9,780,687  cars on the road
  • Carbon sequestered by 1,203,776,846 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

While others might claim to have the “world’s” most advanced solar monitoring tool, SMA’s numbers speak for themselves.  

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SMA Simplifies Online Monitoring for Residential Systems


You’ve asked. We’ve listened. When it comes to system performance, we know how important monitoring is and we also know residential installers have wanted something simple to fulfill this critical need. With that in mind, SMA developed Webconnect as an optional integrated solution for residential PV system operators who want to monitor their inverters and access inverter data online using Sunny Portal. It provides an easy, reliable way to monitor data and performance and doesn’t require any additional devices.

Sunny Boy TL-US Series

Webconnect is currently available as an optional data module with SMA’s newSunny Boy 3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US transformerless residential inverters for the North American market.

It used to be that an additional data logger was needed, but today Webconnect is fully functional on its own. Webconnect provides basic access to Sunny Portal, making it possible for operators to monitor PV systems with up to four inverters easily and at minimal cost. Any operation irregularities or interferences will be quickly detected, and an email notification will be sent through the Sunny Portal.

SMA Webconnect offers simplified online monitoring for residential PV.

Easy Installation and Commissioning

Once an inverter is connected, Webconnect’s “plug-and-play” feature makes for easy commissioning. Just plug in your existing DSL router, register on Sunny Portal and begin retrieving data.

Direct Data Exchange with Sunny Portal

The direct data transmission from the inverter to the Sun­ny Portal is one of the greatest advantages of Webcon­nect. All that is required is an Internet connection and the Webconnect data module. In some cases the Webconnect function is already integrated into the inverter. Once connected, everything is taken care of simply and easily through Sunny Portal. Without any additional configuration,  displays customized to household use clearly show how the installation operated over the course of the day.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Basic access to the Sunny Portal provides system operators with online access to their installations from anywhere at any time, and a Sunny Portal app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones. SMA’s Webconnect is the ultimate online monitoring option for residential PV systems.


Click here to read “The Top 5 Questions and Answers” about Webconnect. 


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