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Real- world experience: college students design and build solar-powered barn


College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine is taking its classroom outside for serious hands-on know-how in its renewable energy practicum program. Lead by Professor Anna Demeo, Ph.D., students learn the ins-and-outs of building design and how to incorporate renewable energy during the planning stages.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Island firmware update

Performing firmware updates on systems with single or multiple Sunny Islands is a simple process as shown by the Solar Academy in this Tech Tip video. Want to install lithium ion batteries in a Sunny Island system? Follow these steps to perform the needed firmware update before commissioning.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to SocialMedia@SMA-America.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!

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Solar Decathlon-winning home integrates Secure Power Supply for standby needs

Steven's Institute wins Solar Decathlon

The long journey from Hoboken, New Jersey to Irvine, California was worth the effort for Stevens Institute of Technology’s SURE HOUSE, which won the 2015 Solar Decathlon hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy. SURE,

Sunny Boy TL-US by Steven's Institute

Sunny Boy TL-US inverters share a utility room with the solar hot water systems inside the SURE HOUSE.

standing for Sustainable plus Resilient, represents the team’s vision for a post-Hurricane Sandy Jersey Shore home. The house uses 90 percent less energy than the average New Jersey home by implementing the passive house building standard.

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Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower

Part 3: More Profit

A well-designed solar system can show its value the moment the breakers are flipped. The Sunny Tripower TL-US inverters have been installed and the system is producing power, but solar systems are long-term investments that require consistent monitoring and maintenance. Only the best solar systems continue to show that value 10 years later and beyond.

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Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower!

Part 1: More Power

A lot more power. With the addition of the delta-grid compatible 30000TL-US, the Sunny Tripower TL-US line of three-phase commercial string inverters now packs even more punch than before. Since the dawn of commercial solar, no customer has ever complained about getting more power from the sun.

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California dairy is milking one megawatt from the sun


Land allocation is something farmers take very seriously. Dedicating almost five acres of farmable land for a one-megawatt solar system came with heavy considerations by the team at the Red Top Jersey Dairy in Chowchilla, California. Thankfully for this farming operation, the four and a half acres of land are still contributing to the farm’s bottom line by harvesting power from the sun to offset more than 86 percent of all electrical needs.

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SMA goes to the Capitol for Solar Worker Day with CALSEIA

SMA at CALSEIA Solay Lobby Day

SMA joined forces with more than 200 other solar workers for CALSEIA and The Alliance for Solar Choice’s third-annual Solar Worker Day at the California State Capitol. Dressed in bright yellow shirts to show the size of our collective voice, solar workers from across the state met with legislators from each district to educate members of the economic and environmental values of rooftop solar.

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Solar-hydrogen house to become a consumer reality

Solar Spotlight Hydrogen House

In 2006, Mike Strizki converted his Hopewell, New Jersey home to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power. As the only house of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, Strizki’s revolutionary home has become an educational center and real-world example of integrating clean energy technology to provide the power needs for the typical American household. It has hosted students, professionals, government officials and foreign dignitaries alike, all of whom were looking to learn from Strizki’s research and system development.

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Starting today: Go Red, Get Green!

Sunny Boy 240-US Rebate

As if you need any more reason to choose the solar industry’s most advanced micro inverter, SMA is now offering a rebate program for the SMA Sunny Boy 240-US. Starting today, solar installers can receive $10 cash back* for every Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter purchased in the United States through December 31, with no quantity limitations. That means, with each purchase, you’ll receive SMA’s legendary reliability, American-assembled quality and more green in your pocket. Best of all, the more you buy, the more you earn, so act fast to take advantage of this opportunity.

Redeeming the rebate is a simple two-step process:

  1. Purchase the Sunny Boy 240-US from a participating SMA Authorized Distributor
  2. Submit your purchase information along with the receipt to SMA before the end of the following calendar month

Once that information is received, we will mail a rebate check directly to you within 90 days. With the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter, reliability really does pay.

Visit SMA-America.com/rebate to go red, and get your green!


*Please click here to review our terms and conditions.

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Three phases of the Sunny Tripower – Part 3: More Profit

More profit - the Sunny Tripower

Now’s not the time to put your feet up and get a little shut eye. If Homer Simpson’s troubled years at the helm of a power plant are any indication, plant managers who aren’t proactive experience significant trouble down the road. The hard work may be done and the system’s producing power, but solar systems are long-term investments that require consistent monitoring and maintenance.

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Bay Area food distributor gets distributed solar

SMA Solar Spotlight Vista Solar

Management at Fremont, California’s First World Asian Trading, a food distribution company with roots in the Bay Area for more than 30 years, had set their minds on solar power for sustainability. Sustainability of their electrical costs and financial strength, that is.

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Big-time solar in Big Sky, Montana

SMA Solar Spotlight - OnSite Power

Mere weeks before the winter solstice, OnSite Energy of Bozeman, Montana flipped the switch on its latest installation. The 8.1 kW solar system came to life and, with it, an excited customer joyously waiting for the long days of summer.

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