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Solar Spotlight: Pistachio and Almond Grower Invests in Solar for a Harvest of Savings

The ground-mounted system installed by JKB Energy located in Kettleman City, California, is the second largest net-metered solar project in PG&E territory and has a projected annual savings of $435,490.


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Solar Spotlight: The Sun Now Powers the Hottest New Movies, in the Coolest Environment at the Mary Pickford Theater!

The iconic, state-of-the art Mary Pickford Theatre in Cathedral City, California, now includes a self-sustaining renewable energy plant. SMA inverters are powering the system engineered and constructed by Aeterna Energy.

Mary Pickford Theatre

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Solar Spotlight: Minturn Huller Co-Op Goes Nuts for Solar

Sustainability is key for the almond industry. Minturn Huller Co-Op, an almond hulling and shelling facility in Merced County, California, decided solar was the way to go to reduce energy costs while protecting the environment.

Minturn Huller

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Solar Spotlight: CORE1 Inverters in Action With Pickett Solar

SMA is thrilled to see that its award-winning CORE1 inverters are officially making it into the field, and Pickett Solar is among the first to install the groundbreaking commercial inverter! The CORE1 is the world’s first free-standing PV inverter, and offers 60% faster installation.


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SMA Inverters Powering First Shopping Mall in Mexico to Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The Plaza Arcos Campestre is Mexico’s first shopping center to use renewables for all of its energy needs. The project, located in the city of Aguascalientes in North-Central Mexico, uses six SMA Sunny Tripower 170000 TL inverters and is part of a distributed energy trend in the country.

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Bay Area food distributor gets distributed solar

SMA Solar Spotlight Vista Solar

Management at Fremont, California’s First World Asian Trading, a food distribution company with roots in the Bay Area for more than 30 years, had set their minds on solar power for sustainability. Sustainability of their electrical costs and financial strength, that is.

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Big-time solar in Big Sky, Montana

SMA Solar Spotlight - OnSite Power

Mere weeks before the winter solstice, OnSite Energy of Bozeman, Montana flipped the switch on its latest installation. The 8.1 kW solar system came to life and, with it, an excited customer joyously waiting for the long days of summer.

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Unusable land becomes solar farm in Maryland

SMA Solar Spotlight

Harsh winter weather, abandoned telephone poles and a steep 25-percent grade couldn’t stop Solar Tech from completing and commissioning the Mt. Air Solar Farm in Newburg, Maryland. Its customer’s available land, the only that wasn’t tillable for farming, required substantial planning and engineering before a single solar module could be connected.

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Whole Foods proves everything really is bigger in Texas

Austin’s well-known and well-loved chain of natural foods stores is like most things in Texas: it’s big. Whole Foods Market has long been nationally recognized as a leading organic grocery store, but the company’s new flagship store in Austin makes sustainability its biggest priority.

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Solar spotlight: PV in paradise

The British Virgin Islands, known for beautiful beaches and miles of serene coastline, are ideal for rest and relaxation. For travelers looking to escape big-city type noise, the diesel generators powering most vacation resorts wasn’t a welcome sound. Generating electricity on remote Caribbean islands used to be a dirty job, until hybrid solar power systems started cleaning it up.

Sunny Islands line a wall at the Cooper Island Beach Club.

Sunny Islands line a wall at the Cooper Island Beach Club.

Becoming eco-friendly

When the Cooper Island Beach Club changed ownership in 2008, the new owners wanted to develop and eco-friendly resort while improving guest amenities and services. The resort’s ownership worked with Alternative Energy Systems of the BVI to design a hybrid energy system to reduce diesel fuel consumption and subsequent noise created by the generators.

The system, installed in phases to grow with the resort over four years, began with 90 Kyocera 210W modules, nine Sunny Island 5048 inverters, three Sunny Boy 7000-US inverters and 243 kWh of battery storage. Phases two and three saw the addition of 63 Kyocera 245W modules, three Sunny Island 5048 inverters and four Sunny Boy 4000-US inverters, plus an additional 198 kWh of battery storage. A Multicluster Box connects the system’s 34 kW of PV, battery banks and generators to ensure simple and care-free operation.

“Choosing SMA for this project was simple,” said Jacco Bos, professional engineer and managing director of AES. “SMA offered the full solution to meet our customer’s fuel saving goals and made it easy to expand the system based on the resort’s growth.”

Guest facilities with rooftop arrays and beachfront views.

Guest facilities with rooftop arrays and beachfront views.

A 70 percent reduction in fuel consumption was achieved after completion of the third phase. Generators now run between four and eight hours a day, at or near full capacity to handle peak energy demands. Prior to installing the PV-diesel hybrid system, the two 65 kVa generators ran near continuously, often inefficiently at idle to support minor loads. Reducing that idle operating time was the single-largest contributor to fuel savings.

The system was designed to run the generators during morning and evening load peaks and as-needed to charge the resort’s battery banks. During non-peak hours, the resort is able to operate solely on power from the PV system and batter bank.

“After four years of operation, the most impressive aspect is the minimal maintenance required,” said Bos. “The Sunny Islands have been operating for more than 30,000 hours and only need routine cleaning and electrical torques.  Compared to a diesel engine, which requires regular oil changes, rebuilds and replacement by this time, the SMA inverters are proving to be highly reliable.”

Stunning beaches and clear waters are reason enough to incorporate eco-friendly business practices.

Stunning beaches and clear waters are reason enough to incorporate eco-friendly business practices.

Beyond Solar

For Cooper Island’s new ownership, eco-friendly goes deeper than implementing renewable energy. The resort has begun an aggressive makeover to ensure sustainable operations are implemented whenever possible. To date, the resort has installed a solar hot water system, rainwater cisterns, LED lighting and drip irrigation systems.

To help sustain the reefs and oceans surrounding Cooper Island, biodegradable and reef-friendly cleaning products have become standard use. Recycling, composting and reuse of fryer oil for bio-diesel have also raised the resort’s sustainability efforts without sacrificing guests’ experience.

The Cooper Island Beach Club’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainability has continued to grow with the resort’s popularity. Plans for future expansion include additional renewable energy sources; we look forward to seeing the next phase of Cooper Island’s success.

Solar Spotlight aims to highlight SMA inverters in real-world situations. Email us with information about your SMA-powered PV projects at SocialMedia@SMA-America.com.

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Challenge Accepted: Limited roof space trumped by the desire for solar

There is no lack on sunshine in Chandler, Arizona. Residents of this Phoenix suburb enjoy 211 days of sunshine annually with an additional 85 days of partial sun—perfect for solar power. But a residential PV system needs more than just abundant sunshine to be a wise choice. It also needs a willing partner – a roof capable of handling the added demands of a solar power system. This was the challenge faced by Jeff Spies, Senior Director of Business Development for Quick Mount PV when he made the decision to install a 4.7 kW system on his home.

Raising the roof
Flashed Quick Hooks for tile roofs are nearly hidden and provide reliable 30 year waterproofing and robust mounting to the roof.

Flashed Quick Hooks for tile roofs are nearly hidden and provide reliable 30 year waterproofing and robust mounting to the roof.

Before a single module was installed, Spies knew the condition of his roof wouldn’t last the 30 years he expects of his PV system. Fortunately, American Solar is licensed for both solar and roof work and was ready for the job.

The tile roof’s 16-year-old deteriorated felt underlayment was upgraded to #90 mineral surface roofing underlayment and drain-through battens replaced original wood battens to maximize rainwater drainage. Plumbing and gas vent stacks were also removed or relocated to make room for the array.

The finished appearance of the first story array is very attractive—no visible flashing.

Mounting and positioning

Once the roof was deemed solar-ready, installers used Quick Mount PV’s flashed Quick Hook and Ironrdige standard rail. This configuration fully conceals the roof flashing to maximize the array’s appearance.

Serious consideration was also given to the array’s orientations. With no true-south facing roof area, the system was designed using two separate strings of LG 260W Mono X Series modules, 18 total, on different rooflines, taking advantage of the dual channel inputs and MPP tracking on the Sunny Boy 4000TL-US. By positioning one string southeast (3.1kW) and one southwest (1.6 kW), power production and roof space were both maximized.

Secure Power Supply

No one wants to gamble on a grid failure, especially on a hot Arizonan summer day. But if it happens, Spies knows he has a game plan. The TL-US series’ Secure Power Supply is a switched outlet that provides up to 1,500W of standby power should the grid go down during daylight hours.

American Solar's Will Herndon and Jeremy Lippens after routing the secure power supply outlet inside the home.

American Solar’s Will Herndon and Jeremy Lippens after routing the secure power supply outlet inside the home.

“The SPS outlet is wired inside my house and stays hidden when I don’t need it,” said Spies. “But it provides peace of mind knowing that when we have a power failure, I’ve got standby power to keep my fridge cold and my phone charged so my family and I can stay in touch.”

Long-term planning is an integral part of a PV system’s design. From roof repairs and weatherization to Secure Power Supply to help mitigate downtime from grid outages, thorough planning can make or break a PV system’s effectiveness. Good planning means this house is ready to handle whatever the conditions throw at it.

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Solar Spotlight: Ted Turner’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge Goes Off-Grid


Costilla Lodge, a 578,000 acre hunting and fishing resort owned by media mogul and multi-billionaire Ted Turner, recently commissioned at $1 million off-grid solar system.

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