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SMA & Lightning Motorcycles: Renewing the Partnership with a Ride


Last year SMA America and Lightning Motorcycles joined forces to break the land speed record at El Mirage, Calif. using the power of the sun. After renewing our partnership with Lightning Motorcycles for the second year in a row, I wanted to see firsthand just how powerful these bikes are, and I was not disappointed.

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A Land Speed World Record: Relive the Electrifying Attempt

Ever wondered what it looks and sounds like when an electric motorcycle traveling at 189 mph zooms by?

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Witness to a Land Speed Record Powered by the Sun

Photo Credit: Art Haynie, www.arthaynie.com


Matt Marx of SMA America preparing to capture the land speed record on video.

Fierce winds and a steady shroud of dust greeted us as we entered the El Mirage dry lake bed on Saturday. The landscape looked more like a scene from Mad Max than an officially sanctioned  speed trial.

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