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What Makes SMA Right for You?

You have decided to go solar. Great! Now you might be asking yourself; what are the components of a solar system? What does an inverter do? Why is it important? Which one is right for me? These are common questions and at SMA, we have the answers.

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SMA to Host Large-Scale Storage Day in Germany

Last year was a big year for energy storage. According to a recent GTM Research report, U.S. energy storage installations grew by 100 percent. This year the trend is expected to continue, with more and more energy storage systems – especially long-duration systems – continuing to be installed.

Visit the SMA Large-Scale Storage Day on April 25, 2017 in Niestetal, Germany

SMA is introducing innovative concepts for megawatt-class storage systems as it prepares for a future when storage systems will play an even larger role in PV power plants and utility grids. SMA’s large-scale storage concept is the solution for grid-bound integration, with or without a PV system.

To take a deeper look at current market developments and showcase its large-scale storage solution, SMA will host the Large-Scale Storage Day Tuesday, April 25, at SMA headquarters in Niestetal, Germany.

The Large-Scale Storage Day is a great opportunity to learn about megawatt-class storage, exchange ideas with experts and tour the SMA Test Center and Sunny Central production facilities for a behind-the-scenes look at SMA’s quality standards.

Guest lectures will discuss regulations and battery storage applications, intelligent generation systems, grid management and SMA’s full-service offerings.

To register for the event, click here.

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Installers: Sunny Boy-US string sizing tool now available

SMA Quick Design Reference Tool

Designing systems with the new Sunny Boy-US just got easier and faster courtesy of the Quick Design Reference Tool. Simply input basic module criteria along with a few key system details to determine string design and inverter selection recommendations in a simple, easy-to-use and printable format.

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Sneak Peek: SMA to showcase never-before-seen PV solutions at SPI 2016


SMA is working hard to put the finishing touches on what is sure to be our most exciting exhibit to date at this year’s Solar Power International show in Las Vegas, September 12-15. Our Powerful Partners booth (#959) will showcase game-changing residential and commercial solutions and strategic partnerships that were developed with the North American market in mind, making it easier for our customers to do business while reducing their costs. That includes our newest inverters and O&M offerings, all of which will be on display for the first time in the U.S.

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Real-World Follow-Up: Sunworks Utilizes Sunny Boy-US for Easy Installation

Our most recent Tech Tip illustrated how quick and easy it is to install the new Sunny Boy-US inverter and here is real-world proof. Check out this video of Sunworks installing a Sunny Boy-US residential system in no time at all, from racking to inverter connection.

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Tech Tip: Changing Grid Parameters

With Sunny Explorer, changing grid parameters to meet unique utility requirements is fast and easy. This Tech Tip video expands upon the Sunny Explorer basic overview by focusing on how this free software can be used to adjust the voltage and frequency windows of the inverter in order to keep the PV system evolving with the ever-changing grid.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Oversize Your PV Array


Oversizing a PV array, also referred to as undersizing a PV inverter, involves installing a PV array with a rated DC power (measured @ Standard Test Conditions) which is larger than an inverter’s rated AC output power (i.e. DC @ STC > AC). It can be a valuable tool for system designers seeking to deliver a maximum amount of energy at a lowest possible specific cost. Reasons for over-sizing PV arrays and important factors to consider are summarized below.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Island firmware update

Performing firmware updates on systems with single or multiple Sunny Islands is a simple process as shown by the Solar Academy in this Tech Tip video. Want to install lithium ion batteries in a Sunny Island system? Follow these steps to perform the needed firmware update before commissioning.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to SocialMedia@SMA-America.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!

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Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower

Part 3: More Profit

A well-designed solar system can show its value the moment the breakers are flipped. The Sunny Tripower TL-US inverters have been installed and the system is producing power, but solar systems are long-term investments that require consistent monitoring and maintenance. Only the best solar systems continue to show that value 10 years later and beyond.

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Tech Tip: Multiple users in Sunny Portal

Allowing multiple users to view a common system in Sunny Portal can easily be done during initial commissioning or at a later date. Follow along with the Solar Academy as both methods are demonstrated in our latest Tech Tip.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to SocialMedia@SMA-America.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!

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Farm from a Box™ offers rural communities local food production

Farm from a Box featuring SMA technology

By simply unpacking a standard shipping container, the health and economic opportunity for an entire village can change forever. SMA has proudly partnered with Farm from a Box to develop a complete, off-grid toolkit for localized food production that is ideal for rural communities worldwide.

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Smarter than ever – Sunny Tripower now provides reactive power at night

Sunny Tripower TL-US with Cluster Controller

This is one inverter line that loves learning new tricks. Now all Sunny Tripower TL-US inverters are able to provide full or dynamic reactive power with the latest version of the inverter’s firmware (2.80.00.R).

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