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Get Premium Access to SMA Service Line Experts as a PowerUP Member!

In this blog post series, we have summarized some of the perks of being an SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Energy Partner. In Part I, we talked about special sales and pricing benefits. Then in Part II we provided details on exclusive training and installation assistance.  In Part III, we elaborate on how PowerUP members benefit from SMA’s best in class, award-winning service support.

SMA Service

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Support at Your Fingertips: Download the SMA Service Mobile App for a Better Experience Onsite

With the SMA Service Mobile App, installers are empowered with an extensive support guide designed to make installation and servicing fast and easy. SMA’s free Service App includes documentation for SMA products, quick fault analysis and reliable repair guidance—online and offline. 

SMA Service APP

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Simpler Solar a Phone Call Away

SMA Service Line

Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

SMA Service Line located in Rocklin, CA

Customers want to get the most out of their photovoltaic solar plants. Maximum energy production is important, no matter the size of a PV system. To lose energy due to equipment issues means losing money. This is why you want to be able to address concerns and issues as soon as possible in order to maximize uptime.  With one of SMA’s monitoring systems installed, you can identify an issue almost immediately and avoid down time.

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