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SMA Secure Power Supply Provides Post-Hurricane Power

When Hurricane Irma made landfall in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in September, Wendy Michels and her family quickly evacuated.

As a pilot, Michels is responsible for flying planes out of the area in the event of natural disasters, including hurricanes. She and her family flew to Lexington, Kentucky, unsure of what was to come of their home and newly installed PV system while Irma battered their hometown.

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Installing SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System: Tech Tip Video


Check out our latest Tech Tip to learn how to properly install SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System.

Why choose SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System? First of all, it’s the most cost-effective way to comply with 2014 NEC 690.12 for states that have adopted 2014 NEC or will be adopting it soon. It will also ensure compliance in those states that have adopted 2017 NEC, until the 2019 80-volt limit goes into effect.

Another major reason to select SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System is that it is compatible with our Secure Power Supply functionality for residential string inverters in case of grid outages – whereas other rapid shutdown systems would eliminate such functionality.

Finally, our Rapid Shutdown System is fast to install. It also fits underneath a module, so you won’t need to extend racking to accommodate it.

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Historic Vermont Barn Gains 18kW Solar Array with Secure Power Supply

Alex Wilson - PV on barn roof

When BuildingGreen Inc. founder Alex Wilson started to re-build his home and barn in West Dummerston, Vt., he knew that he wanted it to be “net-zero.” Net-zero means the property will produce 100 percent of the energy needed to run the house and barn. To make this happen, Wilson needed a solar-electric, or photovoltaic (PV), system that could generate as much energy as was consumed. 

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Residential Solar Has Changed Forever: Now Taking Orders for the Newest Sunny Boy TL-US!

SMA America has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and enthusiasm within the solar industry for the new Sunny Boy TL-US inverter and we are delighted to announce that we’ve officially begun taking orders for this revolutionary inverter! 

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