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Tech Tip: SMA Sunny Island Smartformer

The Smartformer for Sunny Island is a 120 V/240 V autoformer that’s ideally configured for AC-coupled systems using a Sunny Island and a Sunny Boy. Getting it ready for commissioning is a simple, straight-forward process.

In this Tech Tip, Solar Academy trainer Greg Smith demonstrates how to connect each of the components in a typical grid-tied or off-grid AC-coupled system using an SMA Smartformer.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to socialmedia@sma-america.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip! 

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Solar Spotlight: Ted Turner’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge Goes Off-Grid


Costilla Lodge, a 578,000 acre hunting and fishing resort owned by media mogul and multi-billionaire Ted Turner, recently commissioned at $1 million off-grid solar system.

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Video Update: Dream of First Solar-Powered High School in Africa becomes a Reality

In a previous blog post, we introduced Sioma High School, located in Western Zambia, Africa. The school, which houses more than 600 students each semester, was powered by three dirty, noisy and inefficient diesel generators that cost about $26,000 in fuel per year. However, that all changed when the non-profit organization Empowered by Light created a healthier learning environment for the students by outfitting the school with a 24-kilowatt solar microgrid and battery storage system.

See how this incredible project became a reality and how Sioma High School students are benefiting from consistent electricity in the video above.

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What Is a Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid System?

PV-Diesel-Systemlandschaft mit Speicher (Kommunikationslinien)

In many regions of the world, power grids are either inadequate or nonexistent. As a result, industrial consumers often ensure their power supply through diesel gensets. Five hundred gigawatts of power from diesel gensets provide industrial companies with electricity worldwide. However, fuel costs for the gensets continue to rise. The price for one liter of diesel has already exceeded one U.S. dollar.

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Tokelau – the First Country with 100 % Solar Energy


Tokelau is one of the world’s most remote countries – and the first to generate its energy supply using only photovoltaics. We spoke with Alexander Kaemmerer of SMA Australia, who spent almost a month in Tokelau supporting the project, training Tokelauans to operate the plants and demonstrating to the clients how to proceed with the rest of the commissioning.

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SMA Charges Up the Austin City Limits Crowd

Austin City Limits

The 2012 Austin City Limits Music Festival lineup included some serious heavy hitters — Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, and SMA inverters!

Sister companies and Sunny PRO Club members Solar Community and ONTILITY provided an off-grid photovoltaic solar system for this year’s music festival, which took place over three days at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.

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A Sunny PRO Success: Ion Solar

Ion Solar

Visit Ion Solar LLC and your attention is instantly drawn to the welcoming atmosphere of the office, where a fusion of modern art, antique furniture and solar technology create a theme of integrating new technology with traditional values.  Ion Solar, a member of SMA America’s Sunny PRO Club, has developed a philosophy that focuses on families and businesses whose identities have been engrained in the oil industry for decades, but are fascinated by the promise of the renewable energy lifestyle.

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Coupling Options For Off-Grid Solar Arrays

SMA Inverters - Sunny Boy and Sunny Island

Off Grid DC Coupled System

Substantial improvements to off-grid photovoltaic technology during the past decade have led to more choices in off-grid PV system design.

Installers can choose between direct-current (DC) coupling with a charge controller and direct alternating-current (AC) coupling of an off-grid or grid-tied inverters to the AC bus for these applications. The appropriate coupling method varies by project.

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