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Tech Tip: Sunny Island firmware update

Performing firmware updates on systems with single or multiple Sunny Islands is a simple process as shown by the Solar Academy in this Tech Tip video. Want to install lithium ion batteries in a Sunny Island system? Follow these steps to perform the needed firmware update before commissioning.

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Solar-hydrogen house to become a consumer reality

Solar Spotlight Hydrogen House

In 2006, Mike Strizki converted his Hopewell, New Jersey home to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power. As the only house of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, Strizki’s revolutionary home has become an educational center and real-world example of integrating clean energy technology to provide the power needs for the typical American household. It has hosted students, professionals, government officials and foreign dignitaries alike, all of whom were looking to learn from Strizki’s research and system development.

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Tech Tip: Sunny Island Dig-In

The Sunny Island’s Digital Input feature allows for seamless transition between grid and generator operation during grid failures. Follow along as the Solar Academy’s Mike Mahon demonstrates proper wiring and functionality of this key feature.

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Tech Tip: SMA Sunny Island Smartformer

The Smartformer for Sunny Island is a 120 V/240 V autoformer that’s ideally configured for AC-coupled systems using a Sunny Island and a Sunny Boy. Getting it ready for commissioning is a simple, straight-forward process.

In this Tech Tip, Solar Academy trainer Greg Smith demonstrates how to connect each of the components in a typical grid-tied or off-grid AC-coupled system using an SMA Smartformer.

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Solar Spotlight: Ted Turner’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge Goes Off-Grid


Costilla Lodge, a 578,000 acre hunting and fishing resort owned by media mogul and multi-billionaire Ted Turner, recently commissioned at $1 million off-grid solar system.

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Video Update: Dream of First Solar-Powered High School in Africa becomes a Reality

In a previous blog post, we introduced Sioma High School, located in Western Zambia, Africa. The school, which houses more than 600 students each semester, was powered by three dirty, noisy and inefficient diesel generators that cost about $26,000 in fuel per year. However, that all changed when the non-profit organization Empowered by Light created a healthier learning environment for the students by outfitting the school with a 24-kilowatt solar microgrid and battery storage system.

See how this incredible project became a reality and how Sioma High School students are benefiting from consistent electricity in the video above.

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An Off-Grid Journey with Solar Legends Ezra and Melinda Auerbach

Melinda and Ezra Auerbach

It is an early fall morning at the SMA America manufacturing facility located in Denver, Colorado. I have my personal belongings packed away in my car and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my SMA America off-grid colleague and battery-based inverter expert, Roy Dyngen.

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Off-Grid Paradise Monitored by SMA Sunny Portal


The Hakai Beach Institute(HBI), a former fishing lodge, is now a teaching, conference and science research facility located on a remote island halfway between the northern and southern borders of British Columbia, Canada.

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