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Now You Can Integrate SMA Devices With Modbus


SMA is opening its doors to third-party suppliers and will equip inverters with the Modbus protocol interface, starting immediately. SMA Product Manager Falko Schmidt oversaw the introduction of Modbus at SMA.

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Free Module-Level Solar Monitoring with Sunny Portal


Micro inverter enthusiasts, now you can access your PV systems with the largest and most advanced solar monitoring online platform in the world! At the time of this post SMA’s Sunny Portal was monitoring 129,762 PV systems, for a total solar energy production of 66.54 TWh! Here’s a fun way to put that enormous number into perspective, 66.54 TWh, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency is equivalent to:

  • Providing power for 2,416,227 average American homes for an entire year
  • Removing CO2  emissions from 9,780,687  cars on the road
  • Carbon sequestered by 1,203,776,846 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

While others might claim to have the “world’s” most advanced solar monitoring tool, SMA’s numbers speak for themselves.  

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