Sunny Portal Registration for Sunny Boy US With Webconnect: Creating a PV System

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Our newest Sunny Boy inverters are equipped with Webconnect/Speedwire functionality.  When registering a plant in Sunny Portal using Webconnect, the process is the same as the previous generation of Sunny Boy string inverters.  Registration is very straightforward – use the Plant Setup Assistant tab on the Sunny Portal homepage ( – see Figure 1.  Make sure you have the PIC and RID codes from the inverter – they are printed on the side of the connection unit.

Figure 1. Sunny Portal homepage – Plant Setup Assistant tab


Click Next on the first page, then on Step 1 of the Setup Assistant, enter user name/ password if you already have an account on Sunny Portal or create a new account – see Figure 2. It is recommended that you use a generic company email for all your plants such as so that the account is not tied to a specific employee’s email address.


Figure 2. Create an account or enter account information for Sunny Portal

Figure 2. Create an account or enter account information for Sunny Portal


Create a new PV system name and a password for the plant in Step 2, then select Next – see Figure 3. Note that if the Sunny Boy inverter was configured using the built-in user interface during commissioning, then the password entered in this step must match the Installer password selected during that process. If the passwords do not match, then Sunny Portal will not be allowed to access the inverter data. Conversely, if no password was selected during commissioning, the password chosen in this step will now become the installer-level password for the user interface of the plant.


Figure 3. Enter System Name and Password.


In Step 3, enter the PIC and RID codes from the side of the connection unit and select Identify – see Figure 4 for an example of what is shown after the inverter is successfully identified by Sunny Portal. Enter additional PIC and RID codes for more inverters or click Next to continue to Step 4. Note that the maximum number of inverters per Webconnect PV plant is four.


Figure 4. Enter PIC and RID codes then select “Identify”

Figure 4. Enter PIC and RID codes then select “Identify”


In the next installment of our three-part Sunny Boy US Sunny Portal Registration series, we’ll go over how to enter the plant specifics and make sure your Power+ Solution components are incorporated correctly.

Looking for an additional resource? Watch our Tech Tip video on Registering a Webconnect System in Sunny Portal.

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