SMA, Top Rated O&M Vendor in North America

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SMA is the top O&M supplier in North America in the inverter-based provider category.

sma-kv-top-ranking-omDon’t just take our word for it.

GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA have collaborated to release the 2017 edition of the solar industry’s only comprehensive analysis on global solar PV O&M services, markets, and competitors.

Not only did SMA ranked as the No.1 O&M vendor in North America in the inverter manufacturer category, SMA also moved up a spot from the 2016 global ranking to earn the No. 2 global ranking position in 2017.

Across the entire market, SMA is the No. 7 O&M vendor globally. The company ranks fourth in the industrial segment (system size 1 to 5 MW), and No. 5 in the utility segment (system size more than 5 MW), moving up from eighth in 2016.

In North America and in the U.S., SMA is the No. 6 O&M vendor across the market and No. 5 in the utility segment.

Despite intense competition around the globe, SMA has set a high standard for the industry with plant-wide full-service offerings, covering everything from monitoring to complete operational management of PV power plants. The company also offers scalable O&M solutions that can be tailored for individual customer needs, ensuring optimum plant yields that secure our customers’ investments all over the globe.


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