SMA Multi-Vendor O&M Services, Ideally Suited For All Plant Sizes and Technologies

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Whether it is a utility, commercial, or storage power plant, large or small, using SMA technology or not, SMA provides top-notch multi-vendor O&M services for all.


Do you need to drive down your lifetime operational cost (OPEX) associated with operating and maintaining your power plant?  OK.

SMA is the most effective service partner for helping you mitigate the possible financial risks of operating and maintaining your utility, commercial or storage PV plant regardless of the size.

We are proactive.  We understand and address the factors that can accelerate payback periods, from DC field optimization to substation maintenance and troubleshooting sophisticated SCADA equipment. When needed, we can ensure a quick response to any PV plant need with 500 service professionals distributed worldwide, reducing downtime and lost production to a bare minimum.

Is having cutting-edge technology and innovative servicing methods a priority for you in securing your PV plant investment? No problem.

We operate two NERC/CIP compliant Solar Monitoring Centers on two continents that utilize advanced technology to provide 24/7 remote monitoring, keeping a pulse on your PV investment and maximizing ROI. We also offer advanced aerial thermography performed and analyzed by FAA certified professionals covering more ground in less time.

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing you have the most experienced team of professionals securing your ROI?  You got it.

SMA leverages more experience than any other O&M provider, with 65+ GW of PV installed globally, 35+ years in business and recognition of being  a top five O&M provider globally with 2.5 GW under contract.  In fact, both GTM Research and Navigant recently recognized SMA as the #1 provider of PV monitoring and energy management services.

In addition, our team of experts has the capability to scale service solutions up and down, addressing plants of all sizes and technologies. Furthermore, with your best interest always in mind, we insist upon extensive, ongoing safety training for all of our field service employees, preventing unnecessary risks that could affect your profitability.

Our financial strength, unmatched service experience and the unrivalled capabilities of our subject matter experts help place SMA in a unique position to provide the best ROI through top-notch multi-vendor O&M services.  Watch our video and learn more about SMA’s O&M solutions for all.

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    Plz advice if you have rep. in United Arab Emirates .
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      Hello! United Arab Emirates is served by SMA Middle East. Find more information here:

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