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Solve the Challenges of Service Calls With SMA Smart Connected

What if an inverter was smart enough to monitor its own vitals, know when something irregular might be happening and call for help all on its own? Now our Sunny Boy-US residential line of inverters can, reducing service costs for installers while improving security for system owners. 

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SMA Service catapults in GTM Research report

In a recent report by GTM Research, Megawatt-Scale O&M and Asset Management 2015-2020, researchers confirmed the important role the inverter plays in plant operations and performance, solidifying the role inverter manufacturers play as a key provider of plant-wide PV services. SMA, one of the leading inverter companies providing O&M services, launched head-first into the global PV services market with dramatic success over a relatively short time period.

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Tech Talk: Five tips for AFCI troubleshooting

It’s something installers hate to hear and hate to troubleshoot: the dreaded DC-side arc fault. Rarely in solar can such a small phrase bring so much ambiguity and require so much effort to find and fix. Yet over the course of a career, all solar installers will find themselves searching inside junction boxes, combiners and on top of roofs to find that pesky fault.

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Understanding PV Wiring in Series, Parallel and Polystring

Solar Module Stringing - SMA Inverted

Module stringing and the question of how many and in which orientations, voltage windows and, lest we forget, available roof space, play pivotal roles in system design. To properly design a system, it’s imperative to know how stringing impacts the total power delivered to an inverter.

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Don’t be Fooled by Flashy Claims: Why Quality Counts

Quality Counts

With every PV project comes dozens of choices, each making a difference in the overall outcome of your installation. When it comes to which solar inverter you should choose for your PV system, the decision is critical, and there are many factors to consider, for example:

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SMA Has You Covered: Introducing New Extended Warranty

SMA Service Repair

SMA has built a reputation for manufacturing world-class inverters that are trustworthy and reliable, and most SMA inverters come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. While customers have come to rely upon the quality products and superior service that SMA America provides, a little extra assurance always helps. With this in mind, SMA has introduced new 5- and 10-year extended warranties. Customers now have more options than ever at a reduced price! 

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