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Installers can elevate service quality and expedite response with the new SMA America Online Service Center

SMA America has launched a new Online Service Center to installers in the U.S., Canada, and most of Central and South America. What does that mean for installers?

To start, installers can now access resources that previously required calling a service technician. Plus, in the new Online Service Center, customers can track the progress of a service case, request a rebate or inverter exchange, sign up for an extended warranty, and update delivery details.

All these resources empower installers to focus a greater amount of their time on revenue generating activity. Meanwhile, customers can learn more about the new service center by watching this video.

The best part? The new platform features case tracking for all activities concerning both individuals and companies. Service communications for each case are collected in a single feed—simplifying customer communication. This streamlined approach also provides a needed solution for cases with multiple logins per company account. Now, each login can see all open cases—making it easier than ever for installers to manage their own service operations.

The platform will also offer unprecedented access to information, empowering installers with  access to documentation and support. Not to mention, the new Online Service Center creates a one-SMA Service Onlinestop shop for customers to do a range of activities right in the platform—activities that previously involved waiting to speak with phone line support.

To further expedite service, the user interface links the Online Service Center and Sunny Portal, eliminating the need for manual entry of information from one to the other. Customers can now manually adjust their ship dates as well, and there will soon be information added to indirectly track shipments through the platform. In addition, customers can access all products and software updates from a single source.

The Online Service Center will also make it easy to access documentation in the knowledge database, which expedites support. For example, users can search the site for articles and see which articles are trending. Users can even access FAQs where SMA-authored knowledge is ranked based on the most frequently asked questions.

Ready to take advantage of all those benefits? You can access the Online Service Center by visiting our website here.

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Support at Your Fingertips: Download the SMA Service Mobile App for a Better Experience Onsite

With the SMA Service Mobile App, installers are empowered with an extensive support guide designed to make installation and servicing fast and easy. SMA’s free Service App includes documentation for SMA products, quick fault analysis and reliable repair guidance—online and offline. 

SMA Service APP

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Did your inverter company leave you high and dry? What to do when your supplier pulls out of the market.


Further consolidation in the solar inverter landscape raises service and O&M uncertainty as reports of another global inverter provider ceasing sales in the U.S. 

SMA Operations & Maintenance

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SMA OPTIM: New Name, Same Superior Operations and Maintenance Service


SMA is a top ranked O&M provider and manages a portfolio of more than 3.5 GW under contract globally. Now our solution for comprehensive operations and maintenance of commercial and utility PV power plants has a new name: SMA OPTIM.

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SMA Aerial Thermography, Keeping Your PV Plant Profitability Soaring

A properly maintained solar system can accelerate investment payback and increase yields by up to 30 percent. Whether it is a commercial, utility or storage project, hot spots can be indicative of future system issues, so SMA insists on finding those potential problems before they can affect system profitability.

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Safeguard Your Commercial Portfolio and Get Peace of Mind With SMA

You may know that SMA is one of the most trusted providers of plant-wide O&M services worldwide, but did you know the company also provides commercial O&M services?

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SMA, Top Rated O&M Vendor in North America

SMA is the top O&M supplier in North America in the inverter-based provider category.

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Solve the Challenges of Service Calls With SMA Smart Connected

What if an inverter was smart enough to monitor its own vitals, know when something irregular might be happening and call for help all on its own? Now our Sunny Boy-US residential line of inverters can, reducing service costs for installers while improving security for system owners. 

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SMA Service catapults in GTM Research report

In a recent report by GTM Research, Megawatt-Scale O&M and Asset Management 2015-2020, researchers confirmed the important role the inverter plays in plant operations and performance, solidifying the role inverter manufacturers play as a key provider of plant-wide PV services. SMA, one of the leading inverter companies providing O&M services, launched head-first into the global PV services market with dramatic success over a relatively short time period.

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Tech Talk: Five tips for AFCI troubleshooting

It’s something installers hate to hear and hate to troubleshoot: the dreaded DC-side arc fault. Rarely in solar can such a small phrase bring so much ambiguity and require so much effort to find and fix. Yet over the course of a career, all solar installers will find themselves searching inside junction boxes, combiners and on top of roofs to find that pesky fault.

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Understanding PV Wiring in Series, Parallel and Polystring

Solar Module Stringing - SMA Inverted

Module stringing and the question of how many and in which orientations, voltage windows and, lest we forget, available roof space, play pivotal roles in system design. To properly design a system, it’s imperative to know how stringing impacts the total power delivered to an inverter.

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Don’t be Fooled by Flashy Claims: Why Quality Counts

Quality Counts

With every PV project comes dozens of choices, each making a difference in the overall outcome of your installation. When it comes to which solar inverter you should choose for your PV system, the decision is critical, and there are many factors to consider, for example:

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